Il Trovatore at Braunfels Castle

As for many years, Opera Classica Europa is once again hosting a classic opera production at Schloss Braunfels in the summer of 2019. This time you can look forward to Giuseppe Verdi's masterpiece 'Il Trovatore' (The...


they are back...

First some rain and now a lot of sunshine: Almost like fireflies (only slightly quieter), countless buds of red and pink roses jumped up. They decorate the walls, for example at the Café in the castle, in the courtyard and the...


Cooperation with castles nearby

We are happy to have a cooperation with three castles nearby, which is effective since this beginning of this year. Any visitors, which present a actual ticket from Bad Homburg Castle or Weilburg Castle or from Burg Münzenberg,...


Schloss Braunfels Partner der Familienkarte Hessen

Das Schloss ist ab sofort Partner der Familienkarte Hessen. Das hat ein paar nette Vorteile: Allen Inhaberinnen und Inhabern der Familienkarte Hessen, die ein Familienführung-Ticket zum Preis von 15,00 € erwerben, bieten wir...


inspiring places

interessting appartments, houses and other properties to rent


With the drone around the castle

Take a short flight around the castle!Thanks to the Deutsche Welle, who kindly provided us the nice » Video © DW.


aufmerksamer Zuhörer

Dass unsere Schlossführungen spannend sein können, hat sich herumgesprochen. Da ist es kein Wunder, wenn unsere Gäste dem Geschehen aufmerksam folgen. Wie z.B. dieser Besucher. Konzentriert, alle Antennen ganz auf den...

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