It looks a bit like from a fairy tale...

                                                              ...but it’s real!

Braunfels Castle is open all year round

» Here you will find an overview of sightseeing and
   guided tours in winter (= until April 12st) and
» here´s an idea of how nice Braunfels can be in winter.

Celebrating in Braunfels


Looking for an extraordinary place for a very special event?

Schlossturm Braunfels
Schlossturm Braunfels

To be visited daily without a guide: the »Family­­museum, quasi the treasury of the family with coins, medals, seals, clothes, weapons a.m.m. (3 €, from 8am to evenings)
Tip: because of a full closure between Leun and Braunfels, we recommend to take the
exit "Solms".